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In the Season 3 Finale, and the final episode of our (Every Month is) Black History Month series, hosts Jaime Parker Stickle and Jason Beeber welcome the super-duper funny and equally hardworking Nefetari Spencer to the show. They talk about getting fired for “sensible shoes,” cutting out balls, and having the late comedy legend Bernie Mac tell a crowd of people NOT to laugh at you.

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Check her out in one of the world’s very first viral videos, Condi Rice Raps:

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And go ahead and watch the now notorious “Ball Out Jeans” sketch, and ask yourself, “ARE those their real balls??”:

Continuing with our Black History Month series, hosts Jaime Parker Stickle and Jason Beeber have the opportunity to talk to fellow podcast host and powerhouse actress Nadège August about long nights in the ER, longer nights posting flyers, and staying true to who you are as a ‘ride-or-die actress.’

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In the third episode of our Black History Month series, hosts Jaime Parker Stickle and Jason Beeber talk to the unbelievably prolific actor Rodney Hobbs about never ever giving up his HR job, processing payroll from his trailer, and slinging sex toys on the side.

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As we continue our Black History Month series, hosts Jaime Parker Stickle and Jason Beeber talk to the Academy Award and Golden Globe nominated songwriter/film composer Taura Stinson about assisting Paris Hilton and Sean “Puffy” Combs, and the night things got so bad she had to email Oprah… and Oprah emailed her back.

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As we kick off our special Black History Month series featuring black artists from across the artistic spectrum, we welcome the hilarious and talented actor and improvisor Marshall Givens to the show. We talk about busting out of the sound booth, securing a sound stage, and that time he was a party bunny (not that kind of bunny.)

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We’re taking a week off to get ready for next month’s epic Black History Month series featuring all black artists from across the creative spectrum including Nadège August, Marshall Givens, Taura Stinson, Justin Chu Carey, Nefetari Spencer, Rodney Hobbs, and more!

In the INAUGURATION DAY episode of the Make That Paper podcast hosts Jaime Parker Stickle and Jason Beeber clean out drawers and sanitize surfaces with one-time housekeeper turned big time Animation executive and producer Katie Krentz, as they discuss fleeing the midwest, spackling for a Dane Cook short film, and what to do with the other 360 days of the year.

Animation Producer Katie Krentz Re-Ups Overall Deal With CBS TV Studios

Check out Katie’s super-impressive IMDB page!

Watch her new hit show on CBS, “Star Treck: Lower Decks”!

In this episode hosts Jaime Parker Stickle and Jason Beeber mosey down memory lane with actor and old school chum Mageina Tovah to talk about producing theater, independent films, and pretending to be a messenger to land a role in Sam Raimi’s Spiderman.

Find out about all things Mageina at:

Check out Mageina’s outstanding independent film “Hux”

Learn about Mageina’s brother, Gavi Begtrup: Serial Entrepreneur, Engaged Citizen, Policy Wonk, Business Consultant.


In 2020’s final episode of the Make That Paper podcast, hosts Jaime Parker Stickle and Jason Beeber talk to Improvisor, Educator, and Romance Writer Margaret Edwartowski (AKA Maggie Eliot) about driving the lunch shuttle, wearing a Coke can, and fostering creativity in Detroit.

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Hosts Jaime Parker Stickle and Jason Beeber talk to the supremely funny and extraordinarily talented improvisor and actor Celeste Pechous, best known for her recurring role on Showtime’s “Work In Progress,” about painting pets, teaching comedy, and keeping your friends close, but your plumber closer.

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Hosts Jaime Parker Stickle and Jason Beeber have fun getting real with comedian, teacher and activist Mirage Thrams about educating kids, getting through to grown-ups, speaking truth to power, and finding the funny in all of it.

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Hosts Jaime Parker Stickle and Jason Beeber rifle through the job history of actress Mara Marini, best known for her recurring role as porn start Brandi Maxxx on “Parks and Recreation.” From mopping up vomit at Hooters to re-upping subscriptions for the NRA, to go-go dancing hundreds of feet in the air, Mara has done it all… including wearing the Grimace costume.

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Mara’s short film “A Play” with Jane Lynch!

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In the Season 3 Premiere hosts Jaime Parker Stickle and Jason Beeber discuss being a walking coach and a bartender at Hollywood’s most notorious nightclub with actor, comedian, and cooking show host Angela Quintana.

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Season 3 of the Make That Paper podcast drops on Wednesday, November 25, 2020. New episodes Wednesdays at 10 am. Subscribe now!

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